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Just a tutorial on using the rescue card

1. Find another free SD card and be careful not to use an SD card with your own content

2.Use any SD flash writing tool, such as win32DiskImager, Etcher, WinImage, to burn img files into an idle SD card, thus obtaining a rescue card

3. Turn off the machine, insert the newly created rescue card, turn on the machine, wait for the blue LED to start flashing, and wait until the blue light stops flashing, and the machine is completed

4. Remove the rescue card, insert it back into your original content card, and turn it on.


TRIMUI_Smart_0.116_sd_patch_20230509.7z  (update: 2023.05.09)

SD_image_recovery_TRIMUI_Smart_0.116alpha2_20230510.7z  (update: 2023.05.10)

TRIMUI_Smart_0.116_using_old_contents_fix_zip_Roms_ext_name.7z  (update: 2023.05.10)


1 Support SD update (require Fat32 format):
1. The way update downlaod from Store App.
2. The way update from manual copy trimui_tg2040.awimg to SD root, reopen with holding L+R and wait for blue LED.
2 Rescure (bricking recovery) SD making support, using normal SD imaging tools
3 Store
4 Add layout switching by button 'Start', you can switch from big icon/gridview/list.
5 Add USB mass storage support, mount SD as UDISK to PC.
6 Add Search.
7 Add 'Collection' Item support in first page Main UI.
8 Wi-Fi password keyboard update for special symbol.
9 Add Bluetooth audio volume (by hotkey).
10 Add USB audio support (type-c).
11 Add USB hid input support.
12 Change inside flash partition to FAT32 format for mounting to UMS.
13 Support exFat SD card. Notice: exFat dose not support SD update.
14 Fix v0.113 battery detection, add charging icon.
15 Fix Emu ext name filter, Notice: old Emus items which did not contain full ext description will turn out empty roms scanning. Please update to the latest SD content patch.
16 Fix volume state save issue.
17 Add LED toggle in Settings
18 Fix bluetooth issue when wifi turned off.
19 Fix audio/backlight hotkey trigger flipping page issue.

  SD RetroArch:
1 Upgrade RetroArch to version 1.14.0
2 Hardware Overlay and scaler support:
1. Hardware bilineaar support for game frame.
2. Small resoluition (< about 384 x 240) performance improve. High resolution (some PS 512x480), please use old SDL version.
3. Support overlays. It had packed in GBA/GB/GBC overlay samples cfg.
4. Notice that game cores crashing will make layer confuse for old MainUI, you have to use new v0.116 MainUI to recovery. Or use the little binary to recover in RetroArch folder. Notice the screenshot is broken when you use the layers, you can switch to SDL version.
  RetroArch enabled video filter
3 RetroArch enabled achievement
4 Fallback advance menu to RGUI
1. support PS content exchange.
2. support input mapping, notice that autosave is disabled and you have to do it manually.
3. Fix cheat code length issue, fix text scrolling fliker issue.
5 Add netplay menu item in TRIMUI menu
6 Move the save state folder from roms to SD/saves
7 Add Bluetooth audio volume (by hotkey).
8 Add grid/list icons in Emus item folder
9 Fix garbage folder issue when rom path contains space
10 Fix RGUI input garbage code.

  SD Emu Cores:
1 Update FC to fix fceumm netplay issue and nestopia save issue.
2 Change GB to GamBatte core
3 Update gPSP and keep mGBA for the main GBA core
4 Update picodrive
5 Change SFC core to snes9x2005
6 Change ARCADE to fba2012, if you want to use FBNEO, please contact support team.
7 Update mame2003plus
9 Add OpenBor-v4 and EasyRPG
  TRIMUI does not provide any game rom.