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Trimui Smart Pro Firmware


Firmware version: 1.0.2 - 20231116


1. Joystick calibration zero center drift issue.

2. New Language setting, add UI language Korean.

3. Date/time, time zone setting.

4. CPU dynamic clock in MainUI and games.

5. USB Storage mode keep wakeup.

6. Game list preview thumbnail size changed.

7. Fix Main UI high CPU usage issue.

8. Fix key monitor daemon high CPU usage issue.


Firmware version: 1.0.0 - 20231105


First release.


trimui_tg5040_20231116_1539_v1.0.2.7z  (update: 2023.11.16)

trimui_tg5040_20231105_v1.0.0.7z  (update: 2023.11.05)


SD patch

SD patch 20231115


1. RetroArch clear screen when exit.

2. PPSSPP L/R mapping issue.

3. RetroArch Shader setting save issue.

4. CPU dynamic clock in each Emus, named ''.

   a. In most Emus, cpu clock will lock 1.008GHz in minimal.

   b. In 3D and big Emus, cpu clock will go performance governer.

   c. Use 'X' key in game list to pop up launching menu.

5. Change netplay timming to 60s per sync.


trimui_smart_pro_SD_patch_20231115.7z  (update: 2023.11.16)




Rescue Card

Just a tutorial on using the rescue card

1. Find another free SD card and be careful not to use an SD card with your own content

2.Use any SD flash writing tool, such as win32DiskImager, Etcher, WinImage, to burn img files into an idle SD card, thus obtaining a rescue card

3. Turn off the machine, insert the newly created rescue card, turn on the machine, wait for the pregress bar on screen to start flashing, and wait until the progress bar finished, and the machine is completed.

4. Remove the rescue card, insert it back into your original content card, and turn it on.

download  (update: 2023.11.16)