Tiny And Slim

Only the width of a credit card,

slightly longer than a credit card.

SIZE : 105mm x 55mm x 9.5mm


TRIM-UI game platform, streamline extreme, rich

functions.Access your progress anywhere, anytime.

Bring your own thumbnail favorites.Dual mode

is also supported.

Exquisite Workmanship

Immersion gold LOGO, highlight the noble.

Anodized bottom shell. Excellent craftsmanship.

Car headlights high through Polycarbonate,

transparent, beautiful, scratch - proof.

Rich Game Resources

Compatible with multi-platform games.

Support up to 15,000 non-repetitive

games.Let you enjoy the game time.

More color, More unique style.

A variety of color back shell and PCB board match each other, choose your most personalized combination.

Metal back shell in 5 colors

PCB in 4 colors

A variety of radium carving styles in the back shell.

Simplify the powerful TRIM-UI system
TRIMUI game platform has a beautiful 3D interface, simple style, compatiblewith multi-platform games, and supports SAVE& LOAD function, allowing you to play games anytime and anywhere.
More color, More unique style.